The Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation -- KAPT

We provide: Safe, Efficient, and Economic Transportation for all Kentucky Students

Our purpose: Provide Leadership, Assistance, Training, and Mentorship to all Kentucky School Districts

KAPT Mentoring Program Guidelines for all Directors

1. KDE will be the pathway for all directors to ask for assistance from the KAPT mentoring program. KDE will work in partnership with KAPT members to help provide guidance where needed.

2. KAPT will send qualified active members closest to the director in need.

3. When a director is asking for assistance, KAPT would like that director to provide a detail list of needs to the mentor that will be volunteering their time.

4. KAPT will provide the director with our new transportation self audit for review and to modify if needed to suit their district needs in their transportation department.

5. Mentor will provide assistance in reporting deadlines that KDE requires annually.

6. KAPT will place any director on LIST SERV which is a web based information exchange site for transportation personnel only in the state. Directors will receive email discussions pertaining to concerns that all directors may have. They can choose to respond or not.

7. Mentor will show the director the KAPT interactive website to obtain timely information from KDE and KAPT.

For assistance and further information regarding the KAPT Mentoring Program, please contact:
Brice Duncan

Phone 270-927-6015