The Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation -- KAPT

We provide: Safe, Efficient, and Economic Transportation for all Kentucky Students

Our purpose: Provide Leadership, Assistance, Training, and Mentorship to all Kentucky School Districts
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I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year as we reach another closing day. I feel so blessed in many ways this year, as we look at what could have been. I look at just this week when a tornado got so close to a school in Western KY. I have to stop and thank God for his mercy and grace.

I would like to invite everyone to come and share in the KAPT conference in Bowling Green June 20-22, 2016; we will be at Holiday Inn University Plaza, 1021 Wilkinson Trace. I am expecting another great conference. We will have the 6 hour driver trainer update and the 4 hour technicians update along with training for all school district employees associated with the transportation department including Superintendent’s, Finance Officers, Directors, Managers and Driver Trainers.

We at KAPT join the Kentucky Department of Education to promote the safest transportation possible for the students across Kentucky because we transport the most precious cargo known to man and safety is our first priority. Any district that has new or existing staff members in transportation who have questions, please do not hesitate to call myself or a regional director as KAPT is here to help.


Wayne Winters
Crittenden County Transportation
President of KAPT

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The Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation (KAPT) was established in 1978. KAPT membership represents all 120 counties in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Kentucky Association of Pupil Transportation is an organization that assists the 173 school districts across Kentucky in all areas of transportation. It is our goal to be first and foremost in leading, supporting and developing safe and efficient pupil transportation for our children. The KAPT has a mentoring program for new transportation directors and transportation officials that help them understand all areas of transportation including: transporting students, KDE reports, seek funding reports, our new transportation self-audit and staffing just to name a few. The Kentucky Association of Pupil Transportation holds annual conferences which offers training for all school district employees associated with the transportation department including Superintendent’s, Finance Officers, Directors, Managers, Trainers and Technician’s. We also have vendors on hand to help promote new products and KDE official’s help provide training in the 6 hour annual update for driver trainers, 4 hour update for technicians along with assistance in the yearend report filing.


The following resources are past presentations and submissions from districts throughout the state of Kentucky that can be used for training purposes. The information can be downloaded and used at your descretion.

Mirror Grid Presentation
David Breitenstein
Transportation Personnel Puzzle
Michele Tolbert, PHR
Seizures and Epilepsy
Accident Review Committee
Mickey Anderson
(Due to the size of these presentations, PLEASE download before opening.)

SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2016
PHONE 1-859-455-5000 OR 1-800- EMBASSY

KDE has approved 11 EILA hours for attending the conference

TO REGISTER FOR THESE SEMINARS GO TO OUR WEB SITE the the cost is $200.00 per seminar.
Don’t wait, start today making plans to attend these very important training sessions. The final agenda should be completed very soon.

If you have problems or questions feel free to contact me. BUD TARRY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
Cell Phone: 270-670-4672
Home Phone: 270-678-1728

PS: Share this with your Superintendent and all other involved with pupil transportation. We had two great seminars last year and many of the sessions we are planning could be of value to Superintendents, Finance Directors and others.