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Our purpose: Provide Leadership, Assistance, Training, and Mentorship to all Kentucky School Districts
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With winter bearing down upon us any superintendent or transportation director will tell you that one of his/her most difficult decisions is whether to close, delay, or open school on days of inclement weather. It is a difficult decision because it is based upon the probability of safely transporting our students. The process often begins at 4:00 a.m. or earlier with several district personnel and weather spotters strategically located throughout the county traveling the roads to check on conditions. During this time, district officials are in consistent contact with county officials, law enforcement agencies and local new media for the latest update on the weather. Because this decision is made rather early, there may be a need to make a revision later in the morning due to rapidly changing weather conditions. It is important for parents to continue checking television and radio stations after the initial announcement, in the event weather conditions dictate a change. Although we realize these decisions are subject to second-guessing, all decisions are based solely upon the safety of our children, and we will always err on the side of caution.


1. Weather forecasts from radio and television stations (Time snow/ice or freezing rain is expected to start and end)
2. Predicted amount of snow/ice accumulation
3. Weather conditions expected after the snow/ice
4. School officials, Kentucky Department of Transportation, and various law enforcement assessments of conditions
5. School district's assessment of school parking and accessibility of buildings
6. Anticipated impact on traffic

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE WEATHER BECOMES SEVERE DURING THE SCHOOL DAY? Every effort is made to keep students in school through regular dismissal; however, it may become necessary to dismiss students earlier than normal to ensure their safe transport. School officials monitor weather conditions throughout the day in consultation with local weather officials, the Kentucky Department of Transportation, and various law enforcement officials.


Parents should always be prepared for an early dismissal by having an identified procedure for their child to follow in these situations. We request parents not drive to school to pick up children who normally ride the school bus in the afternoon. This additional traffic created at school may complicate an early dismissal by increasing traffic both at the school and on the local roads. In addition, it may hamper communication efforts by school employees who are working quickly to ensure each child has a safe transport home.

John Odom, Region 4 Director
Warren County Public Schools

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The Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation (KAPT) was established in 1978. KAPT membership represents all 120 counties in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Kentucky Association of Pupil Transportation is an organization that assists the 173 school districts across Kentucky in all areas of transportation. It is our goal to be first and foremost in leading, supporting and developing safe and efficient pupil transportation for our children. The KAPT has a mentoring program for new transportation directors and transportation officials that help them understand all areas of transportation including: transporting students, KDE reports, seek funding reports, our new transportation self-audit and staffing just to name a few. The Kentucky Association of Pupil Transportation holds annual conferences which offers training for all school district employees associated with the transportation department including Superintendent’s, Finance Officers, Directors, Managers, Trainers and Technician’s. We also have vendors on hand to help promote new products and KDE official’s help provide training in the 6 hour annual update for driver trainers, 4 hour update for technicians along with assistance in the yearend report filing.


The following resources are past presentations and submissions from districts throughout the state of Kentucky that can be used for training purposes. The information can be downloaded and used at your descretion.

Mirror Grid Presentation
David Breitenstein
Transportation Personnel Puzzle
Michele Tolbert, PHR
Seizures and Epilepsy
Accident Review Committee
Mickey Anderson
(Due to the size of these presentations, PLEASE download before opening.)


June 20 - 22, 2016
Trade Show will be June 21.
University Plaza Holiday Inn
in Bowling Green
1021 Wilkinson Trace
Bowling Green, KY 42103
Phone:(270) 745-0088


KAPT Providing Leadership, Assistance, Training & Mentorship

To All Pupil Transportation Personnel:
As we start 2016, the new year sends us familiar challenges, but new ones are always on the horizon. As the KAPT Seminar Committee finalize the agendas for our summer and fall seminars, we are looking at what topics will best serve the needs you face each day. As pupil transportation departments are consistently being asking to increase efficiency and reducing expenses while maintaining services.

Here are a few topics that are on the forefront of pupil transportation:

Driver Shortage – Nationwide bus driver shortage has some states looking at signing bonuses and increased wages to attract more people to the job. In Kentucky, districts are being forced to use bus mechanics and office personnel to cover routes. This is an issue that affects more and more districts, finding ways to address this problem remains a major challenge for pupil transportation.

Fuel Prices – Nothing affects the pupil transportation quite like fuel prices. While fuel prices are great, many states including Kentucky are contemplating raising taxes on fuel to repair roads and road construction. While we don’t pay Federal taxes on our fuel, we do pay state taxes. As one Superintendent stated recently “We hope we can siphon money budgeted for fuel to help off-set other areas of our budget”.

Propane vs. Diesel – Before diesel prices started declining many districts were looking at purchasing propane buses. As stricter emission standards loom, that seemed the best way to go, but with the differences in the purchase price Boards may be reluctant to purchase propane buses.

Medicare and Social Security Cost – School districts and employees will be out more money next school year for classified employee’s retirement. These increases are set to begin in January 2017, which will affect the 2016 – 2017 districts budgets. The increase in classified employee rates will result in those people taking less money home. This can only add to the problems of recruiting and retaining drivers.

Non Traditional Instructional (NIT) day program – How will this program affect pupil transportation, as districts may use up to 10 days under this program. Yes, it makes it easier for districts making the call on those weather related days. How are the drivers going to make-up these days, more training or assign to other duties around the district? As districts look for ways to save money, will they try to use these days to reduce the transportation budget?

Legal Questions – While across the state we are faced with the loss of life of a student or injuries in a wreck, resulting in mounting legal problems. Discipline problems on our buses and the role our drivers face in dealing with them seem to increase each year. What type of training and how many hours are required to prepare our driver to meeting the challenges? In the state of Ohio their Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on whether bus drivers are liable for injuries suffered by students, who do not go straight home after leaving the bus.

These are but a few problems facing pupil transportation, as professionals in this field, we must stay aware of these issues. One of the best ways is to join us and attend the two seminars sponsored by the KAPT.

JUNE 20 – 21, 2016
PHONE 270-745-0088 OR 1-800-HOLIDAY
ROOM RATES - $109.00 + TAX

SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2016
PHONE 1-859-455-5000 OR 1-800- EMBASSY

TO REGISTER FOR THESE SEMINARS GO TO OUR WEB SITE the the cost is $200.00 per seminar.
Don’t wait, start today making plans to attend these very important training sessions. The final agenda should be completed very soon.
The mechanic’s training will be held again this year and state up-dates will be available for mechanics and driver trainers.

If you have problems or questions feel free to contact me. BUD TARRY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
Cell Phone: 270-670-4672
Home Phone: 270-678-1728

PS: Share this with your Superintendent and all other involved with pupil transportation. We had two great seminars last year and many of the sessions we are planning could be of value to Superintendents, Finance Directors and others.